I need help with text effects

I think it’s not so simple with characters with curves such as: C, S, O…

You should try it

Something like this?


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Thank you. Please make a video of the process to guide

Where are you. I need your help. Please record a video of the process you make

Hi -
Have you read the help file on the split, rotate, and revolve commands?
If so, post a file with where you are getting stuck.

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You can make video with your example. or with the following file.
Please help me to record the video, my level is low

After making the text effect like the sample image.

I want to make the surface of the letters for CNC cutting and machining like the picture
Text Rhino.3dm (302.7 KB)


Please see our learning page for instructional videos.

A series of custom videos for very particular needs isn’t very efficient.

If you get stuck feel free to post the work you’ve put in and a detailed question.

Sometimes a simple problem needs to be solved immediately. But everyone is forced to follow the textbook.
The forum is for sharing, but if I knew I could do it myself, I wouldn’t ask here. Just for the simple matter of everyone, it took me 2, 3 days to wait

If everyone could do it on their own, and be good at it, there would be no need for a forum to discuss and exchange.
Software Rhino, Maybe you’re good at this, I’m not. But the other one I may know better than you.
Don’t make me have to start all over again. I need to be efficient and get the job done.

We want to help.

Here’s a general guide on how to get prompt help.

Sometimes a video is the best way to convey the workflow, but it requires knowing what the problem is.

This is especially critical when doing fabrication work, we could do a quick video that answers your question but isn’t going to cover the very particular needs of the project. Where you come back saying this is great but…

Having all the variables and a detailed question gets a detailed response.

You didn’t read my title and notes carefully.
I’m asking what are the basic commands to do so

And there is 1 friend who can do it, but has not shared how

I also put the file here, and the picture notes

I presented very detailed and clear but you told me the question was not specific. I really do not understand

People are complicating matters.

Where are you getting stuck using these commands?

modeling visually is one thing, modeling for a particular fabrication technique is another.

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Here i did a planarsrf on your closed curves.

Gumball extrude 10mm

Split command
Then rotated the half using the gumball.

you can model in the gaps depending on how you are doing the corner.

re_Text Rhino.3dm (2.8 MB)

Cut the text in half and rotate it to 2 perpendicular surfaces, then with the curved letters will have to join together. I’m wondering about this

As for this sample text image. I feel the curves it is soft, winding. If you do it the above way, cut the text in half and rotate it. I think the curved letters are not beautiful

I’m wondering is there any command or script that projects that 3d text on the corner of the wall

There are individual videos in the help as well as external links to videos at the bottom of the page

Gumball for example.

Isn’t the material and fabrication technique going to determine this? Thin enough metal and you could bend the letters (add bend deduction allowance). A miter joint would look good and be fabricatable. Extending one side flush would look hacky close up but easy to cut. Or a custom piece or weld in each corner.

this was an interesting question, surely basic in Rhino but in Grasshopper it is quite fun.
I made a script where you put your surface on XZ plane. Then you can cut on whatever X on the Bounding plane with an angle from 0 to 180°, with 2 shapes at the corner and a parametric thickness.

split text and extrude it.gh (24.5 KB)


Có phải ý bạn là:

cảm ơn bạn nó thật tuyệt vời. Nhưng với Grasshopper thì quá khó đối với tôi. Hihi

Thank you it’s awesome. But with Grasshopper it is too difficult for me. Hihi

For sure if you are a beginner it is not so easy but here most of the work is already done.

So put your letter as surface/brep on XY plane (front View)
Right click on Brep component and select the multiple surface

And it must work. Except perhaps the Thickness that you’ll have to adjust.

Here a version more simple for you ! Just put your curves. It must work without any change if you use your file posted here.

split text and extrude it For Iphonex .gh (35.3 KB)

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A question could lead to others paths
Here I made a general cutter for a mesh.
From a mesh, a plane and an angle


Next step implement the straight link. Then multiple cuts with many planes
Poor Bunny!

I added some components to my plugin Nautilus. One to Output text as curve surface and brep. One to find a plane inside an object and one to make the deformation

A Font component outputs all the fonts available

A Text component outputs text as curve, surface or brep depending on a plane, text size, bold, italics, spacing, small cap size. I omitted underline strike through and justification.