3D Printing on an uneven surface

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i have a problem with some 3D printing with concrete.
The surface which i print on is not plane or even (as seen in the picture).
I want to print the surface definded by the red curves. The worktool path should be so optimized that i dont have to stop the extruder.

The print path should be continously and along the z axis.

My idea was to define different pockets which are printed after each other, starting with pocket a, than b, an so on untill pocket g.

For this i need the points marked with blue. I got them with a hoopsnake but get the feeling that i made it more complicated than it could be. Now i need to divie the curve like shown with the blue lines but i dont now how exactly.

I attached the files needed for Rhino 5, an like i said Hoopsnake is needed.

Thank you very much for your help, even if it´s just a little advice or link to an more ore less equal problem on the forum. ( i did´nt found one).

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06_Parkur_Z.gh (10.6 KB)
Parkur_Linie.3dm (31.6 KB)

The wished result is the black toolpath along the pink surface.

I’ve seen videos of concrete printers but of course have never used one. Assuming they work like “normal” FDM printers I’d suggest this: In GH make a solid model of the terrain on which you want to print, and then just subtract this (using Sdiff) from your 3D model. The exported result will likely have multiple pieces, but I reckon you have a way to deal with this already.

it is not a simple problem. The closest thing I can think of is that

But it surely doesn’t solve your problem. It is also strange to me that you just have a 2d problem. Have you also just one speed in X and Z ? Having differents speed can help not putting too much concrete or putting more concrete …

I also have a 3D problem, but i thought i first solve it in 2D before i go over in a 3D Modell.

I´m working with a Kuka Robot (7 degrees of freedom) and we have different speed etc. My idea is to print on a existing structure lets say an old ruin. I can stop the extruder in Grasshopper, but the problem is that there is some delay inside which is unpredictable right know (maybe fixed in the future), so there is a material overflow. This brings me to the conclusion that one continously toolpath should do it well. Continously based on the extruder so there is no stop and go and the material is extruded the whole time continously. Which results in a much smoother appearence.

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Here are the nasty lines i´m trying to avoid (Picture 1 marked red).
So the extruder does´nt have to stop, even if thats not the primary problem. The primary problem would be the tool crashing in the existing structure (Picture 2)

Has somebody an idea?

^ Picture 1

^ Picture 2