I need command set Cplane by Y axis or how is this done?


see attached 3dm file.
If there was set Cplane by Y axis I could simply click at 0 then 1 and be done :slight_smile:

I need to have edge 0-1 as Y axis and the surface edge 0-3 upright. (Z axis) In the actual model there is no X axis line to use,
0 to be origin.
I need the PURPLE circle (and I am seeing a pecked line circle in Top view, yet solid in others, dont know why !) as a circle in top view.
The smaller surface should not have its face visible in Right view and I should be seeing the main surface with 0 bottom left.
Front view will see edge 0-3 ‘nearest me’.

A slight adjustment to Cplane at base of surface should achieve this, but how ?

What do I choose and what do I click on and in what order regards corners 0 1 2 3 etc to get what I want in absence of Cplane Y axis command ?

y axis Cplane.3dm (39.3 KB)


Cplane by 3 points.

Click on 0
mouse over Osnaps with Ctrl depressed and click PerpFrom
Click 0-1 edge
Click 0
drag mouse in positive X direction and click anywhere unsnapped
Click 1

Your CPlane is set parallel to the ground with Y starting at 0 and going at 1 direction.

To see your purple circle as a solid try Zoom Extents in Top view. Looks like some kinda graphical glitch to me. Zoom E fixes it.

Hi Asterisk,

Cheers, it works.

That circle vanished, as you say a glitch. It was a new file and a circle drawn so why that I dont know. caused by Rhino and Graphics card combined ?

GTX970 is new to the world as of approx Sep2014 so if there are conflicts, and I had part of my screen not responding and part moving, I guess Rhino have to ask Nvidia to sort it. I am seeing odd things happen.

So one has to in effect use the X axis, in this way we are creating it, I wish there was a Y axis option, at least for the novices, when there is X and Z, anyhows this I will have to remember to offset lack of such.


Or you can move and rotate all your geometry to match Y axis and don’t worry about CPlane anymore.

I’m using GTX 750 and I’ve had exactly the same glitch with the circle in Top view.

Hi Asterisk,
Is that because my V5 has somehow drawn a circle that is corrupt, (worrying as its done it again in a new file a few draws into the life of the file) or is it that V5 has a bug for us all.

Have you seen this happen before my post ?


I don’t think you need to worry about it as it’s just a graphical glitch.