How to set my C plane with one click with out changing my camera view

I would like to set up tool bar buttons , that behave like the SetCPlane World view (front, back, top, side) but leave the C Plane where ever I have it located. So that if I have the C plane located at a specific point in space ( not at the wold center) , and I am using the perspective view port and looking at the model from a certain angle , I can keep the curent camera view and just change the Cplane orientation to front, or back, or side, or top. With one click.
Basically I want the behavior of the Set Cplane world view (direction) buttons with out their movement of the Cplane to the world origin.

Also is there any way to make the axis lines thicker?


Hi Flubber - see how the attached script works for you - unzip and save it then drag and drop the rvb file onto an open Rhino to add these aliases:

CPlaneLikeRight (468 Bytes)


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Hi Pascal, Thanks so much for those!

I wanted ti ask you about this as well,

I posted a question that you responded to a few weeks ago about curves disappearing when some mesh objects were added to my scene, this was occurring in the shaded view port only. I just realized now, that this occurs specifically If the mesh has any naked edges. Any Idea how I can remedy this?


Hi Flubber - if you have an example file, please post it or send it to