I love iRhino3D!


I use it every day! It’s awesome not only for just showing off your work :wink: but also for showing potential fabricators your designs when you’re on the road. Super work McNeel!!! It’s actually the main reason I updated my iPhone from v4 to v6!!

Please just fix the hierarchy setup in the layers view :wink: Also being able to expand/hide layer hierarchies (just like you can do in the Rhino layers view) would be fantastic!




Recommend !!


(Dan Belcher) #3

Thanks! iRhino 3D has not gotten the love it deserves lately. We hope to get a couple major bugs fixed in the coming days and weeks and get back to implementing features and fixes.

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Great App. Thank you for the update. I was just on iRhino group last week asking if it was still being supported and upgraded. Great timing! Bought it last night and used in in a presentation today. Worked great. Thanks!