iRhino forum?

Can this be moved here? I use the iRhino app for iPhone all the time, but the iRhino forum site doesn’t really seem to be working (I couldn’t sign in with either Facebook or Google). Would make total sense imho to add the iRhino forum to this site - keep everything tidy and in one place. I have a few suggestions for iRhino developers btw :smile:


I recall there was a reason it didn’t move some time ago , but I don’t remember what it was. Maybe @dan will remember.

I can’t remember a good reason for not moving it over to a discourse category. I’m checking on this…I think it would be a good idea. @dwalden I’m the developer of iRhino 3D, so - for the moment* - just send me an e-mail or PM about iRhino 3D.

*We are really focused on Rhino for Mac right now, so give me a day or two to get this sorted out.

Great thank you Dan! My suggestion at the moment for iRhino is just to make the Layers view show the hierarchy of parented layers (layers indented under other layers) - would it waaay easier and cleaner to view/activate/deactivate layers this way. Not sure if it’s possible w iOS layout though :slight_smile:

Thanks. Got it (IR-438)

I’ve created an iRhino 3D category here on Discourse. In the coming weeks I will be migrating from the old community site to this new category.

Excellent - thank you Dan!