I have 128 gb of ram memory and only 8 gb of ram memory it recognizes me

How can I allocate more ram memory to a model so that it occupies the maximum amount it can?

Hello- how are you determining that your systems ram is not being used?


through the activity monitor that Windows has

Hello- I mean, what makes you think that Rhino should be using more?


I’m trying to get a 2d drawing with the make2d function and then I see the activity monitor and I realize that Rhino only occupies 8gb or less and the other ram memory is idle, I don’t know if it can be assigned as 3dmax that is assigned more ram memory, it recognizes it and it does not end up closing

Rhino uses as much memory as it needs, unless there is not sufficient memory available. Since your system has 128 GB of system memory it is very unlikely that there is not sufficient memory available. 8 GB is vey probably all the memory that Rhino needs for the particular model.

Are you assuming that Rhino should be using more memory because you have seen other software use more memory?

If you want Rhino to use more memory then create more geometry

128gb memory! What machine do you use?