BUG? Rhino 8.5 Opening ScriptEditor switches the file to ReadOnly

Following the update to Version 8.5.24051.15001, opening the ScriptEditor switches the open file to ReadOnly mode. This prevents the file from being saved, prompting the user to “Save As”. This only affects the currently open file when the ScriptEditor is opened.

After saving to a newly-named file, saving is possible again. However, as long as Rhino is open, the original ReadOnly file is unable to be deleted, giving the warning “The action can’t be completed because the file is open in Python.” Closing Rhino makes deleting the file possible.

Current Version: Version 8 SR5 (8.5.24051.15001, 2024-02-20)
Platform: Windows 11

I suspect what is happening is that the initialization of the Python runtime creates some kind of lock on the currently open file, holding that lock until Rhino closes. This didn’t happen in Rhino 8.4. It’s really annoying.

@Russell_Newton Would you mind testing this in latest 8.5.24064.13001? It’s a regression that I think I solved last week:

RH-73933 ScriptEditor: Python subprocess keeps Rhino file open

@eirannejad How do I update to that version in particular? I’m on the Service Release Candidate update frequency (because 8.5 isn’t the full service release yet afaik), and it’s only updating me to 8.5.24058.13001. Do I need to download the installer manually from a server somewhere?

@Russell_Newton DM’d you a link to installer

@eirannejad This no longer seems to be a problem in 8.5.24064.13001. Thank you!