I Hate the Rhino V6 License Manager



I almost didn’t get on, working on something from the coffee shop.

How licenses were handed in V5 was vastly more superior for the user. I had two installations, from which I used one at a time.

The v6 license system absolutely rots!
The v5 license almost never got in my way (except for a few times on shutdown.)

Familiarity breeds contempt; I see you license manager almost every day.

In the back of the mind, I just know it’s causing a lot of false positives which someone is trying to use them to validate the license managers miserable existence.

Well, that felt good. I feel a little better now.


I agree.
It is the first time that I couldn’t open Rhino and get to work.
Now I need to waste time and rant on a goddamn forum.


I don’t understand. You don’t want a good user experience?