I Hate the Rhino V6 License Manager

I almost didn’t get on, working on something from the coffee shop.

How licenses were handed in V5 was vastly more superior for the user. I had two installations, from which I used one at a time.

The v6 license system absolutely rots!
The v5 license almost never got in my way (except for a few times on shutdown.)

Familiarity breeds contempt; I see you license manager almost every day.

In the back of the mind, I just know it’s causing a lot of false positives which someone is trying to use them to validate the license managers miserable existence.

Well, that felt good. I feel a little better now.


I agree.
It is the first time that I couldn’t open Rhino and get to work.
Now I need to waste time and rant on a goddamn forum.

I don’t understand. You don’t want a good user experience?


License manager is wasting my time again : “Retrieving license from license manager”…ad lib…

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how are you set up? cloud zoo, Standalone, lan zoo?

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This does not happen often, but it should just never happen at all.
When it does, I have to close everything ; usually, 2 or 3 Rhino instances, some with worksessions, some with multiple GH definitions running, a pair of Excel speadsheet, some PDF, some Word, a Chrome session with a bunch of carefully selected tabs…then reboot the computer and open everything again.

Thanks McNeel

If you are seeing an issue with licensing in a standalone install, there is something going on with your windows install… standalone checks for licensing once when you install it, and once when you validate, and then never talks to us directly ever again.

can you run the systeminfo command in rhino and post the results?

also have you FULLY updated windows? I mean run windows update several times to make sure all updates are installed? (I had a client who had to do this 9 times)

do you have norton, symmantec, or any other 3rd party virus protection installed?

Are you using a 2nd monitor plugged into a usb hub?

Are you on a laptop or desktop?

Any chance you are on a bootcamped mac?

any additional details will be helpful in solving this for you-

I’m getting this today.

Worked Ok a couple of days ago. Did need to manually get the licence a couple of weeks ago when Rhino flagged it in the alarm tab.
I’ve no doubt if I shut everything down and reboot it’ll work again but shouldn’t have to waste my time on that.

I agree. It sounds like your computer is just bogged down. Next time it happens, can you please open Task Manager and look at which processes are using your CPU? The symptom and the fix sounds a lot like Chrome and/or Zoom (usually the culprit for me these days) eating up all your system resources.

The alarms you mention is an indication that you have network connectivity problems between Rhino and Cloud Zoo. Do you have a corporate firewall, or personal firewall blocking Rhino’s access to https://accounts.rhino3d.com and https://cloudzoo.rhino3d.com? Closing and restarting Windows may not fix the problem.

Brian, my computer is a fighter jet, and my internet connection is top notch.
So what’s the solution ?
Me quitting Chrome, or you fellas’ making the license server a bit less paranoïd ?

Don’t have any special firewalls and it works most of the time, nothing my end has changed for years.

What I ended up doing was click the cancel option on the dialog, this brought up another dialog with different options. I’d tried selecting log out but that just brought up the Please Wait dialog again so I cancelled again and on the dialog with several option I just clicked the X 4 of 5 times as there doesn’t seem to be any way to just close this dialog. After clicking the X a few times another dialog came up saying Rhino didn’t have a license and would close. After this I noticed a Rhino instance was still running in device manager, used End Process to close, also closed the McNeelUpdateService process and closed Chrome. Tried starting Rhino again and it started up straight away with no problem at all and retrieved the licence, shows today’s date in notifications.

So one of those 3 fixed the problem, don’t know if there was a zombie instance of Rhino running that hadn’t closed properly causing the problem?

Thanks Mark

sounds like a rhino instance was stuck in the background… if it happens again, check the task manager and see if that is the same issue-

The solution depends on understanding the problem. I gave some ideas in my previous post for you to report back with after this problem happens again.

Well it didn’t happen yet.
I just wanted to let you know I’m not in the Tundra with an Amstrad CPC 464.

I feel better already, thanks for that.

I knew it would set your brian at ease.

Had this problem again, closing chrome seemed to fix it. I had quite a few tabs open so think you’re right about system resources being hogged by Chrome.

Thanks Mark