I continue to have difficulties with fillets

I continue to have issues with fillets.

The model in the center was filleted properly with the previous version of Rhino Mac (model on the left)

After making modifications to the model in the center, I tried to fillet again. Doing exactly the same thing, the result was the model with the naked edges on the right.

Am I doing something wrong, or is this a bug? This seemed a rather simple fillet, especially since I had been successful at first.

Hi Abrasha - the difference is there are three edges coming together in the first example and four in the one that fails, the extra edge being between two coplanar planes. If you eliminate this extra edge it should work again - use MergeAllFaces for this. Yes it is a limitation in filleting that this case is not handled better.



That worked. Thank you. I think I must have used MergeAllFace the first time also, and I just forgot.

I tried the same command here, but that did not work.