Confused about filletedge

Can anyone make suggestions how to make this not happen? I’m fairly new to Rhino and trying to fillet all edges but I get holes :frowning:

Hi Jordan- just guessing - better to send in a file - but if you Undo that, and MergeAllFaces, then fillet the edges (all at once) it may work out better.


Hi! Thanks for the quick response. I appreciate it. Here is my file. I’m sure where MergeAllFaces comes in, I created the initial shapes, then lofted surfaces. Perhaps I’m taking the wrong approach, but the FilletEdge command really confuses me!mouse.3dm (139.1 KB)

Hi Jordan - no, no need to merge faces - it worked ok here - did you select all the edges at once to fillet?


Hello again Pascal, I think where I’m going wrong is I’m trying to select all the edges and not just the inside extrusion.

On another note, do you know a good place to start to learn some of the basics? I’m running an evaluation copy and hope to purchase and utilize Rhino for 3d printing. I’m going from a polygon modeler, so this is a different world to me.

Ok I must be crazy… I tried it again and it worked. I have no clue what I did differently :frowning:

I guess you did not get all the edges you wanted selected, the first time through.


Thank you for your help either way. Sorry to be so much trouble!

No substitute for this informative guide:

Welcome to the fun!


Any reason not to start with the User’s Guide first?

Thanks for the help and suggestions!!

That works, too. The level 1 guide has lots of good step-by-step exercises that are focused on specific topics. ~Dave