I can see curves through solid objects in Shaded view

I’m using the latest RhinoBeta on Windows10 and I have a problem that I can see the curves throug solid objects even if everithing it is set to Shaded display.

All the lines that are visible through solid objects are imported from a .pdf file.

Rhino6_See_through_objects.3dm (111.4 KB)

Run ClearDrawOrder and SelAll… this fixes it here. Since this isn’t happening with a new file I think it has something to do with the PDF import. Can you post the PDF for me too please… I want to file this, Thanks!

Do you have an email address? I can’t share this online. :slight_smile:

brian.james@mcneel.com Thanks!

@tim can you take a look at this. I saw a YT issue go by my list recently where it sounds like we are attempting to set display order in the PDF importer. I don’t really think that is a very good default.