I am sorry but there's a weird trouble that I can't open the 3dm file that made by t-spline

裘詠晴-大都會歌劇院2.7z (958.1 KB)
Hi! I am a student from taiwan and sorry for my poor eng. Today I got this file from my classmate and she ask me what happened to it. i can’t open it till I used safemode and turn off the openGL “Use accelerated hardware modes”. But it can only show 2 balled-like surface (the homework won’t be 2 ball right?) and when i try to copy it to the other standard rhino files that made them crashed. I have searched others’ posts and still couldn’t find similar one to this. I upload the file and hope you can solve my problem. Thanks you!

Hi @vdaidhsiao,

I didn’t have any crashing problems. The file contains a layer which is turned off. Turning it on gets you this:

Is this what you need? Do you have the latest Service Release version of Rhino 5? (Service Release 14).


I also find this and I have asked her if these ones are her work? but she said that was the previous version. not the final work.

It should be like this in windows preview. I don’t know how can it convert to those shapes.
My computer use sr14 but her rhino version is sr8 and her t-spline is 3.4. Maybe it was version issue?

And this is how it work on her computer.

Hello - if the file contains t-splines and you do not have that plug-in (?), then presumably you will not be able to access the t-splines, I don’t think they are converted automatically. You can ask the person who made them to convert the t-splines to surfaces and send you those.


Dear @pascal
I have had t-spline already, but seems the problem on her computer is when she trying to convert T-spline objects to Rhino objects that make the complicated shapes to 2 ball-like surface. And when she revert to second last step and send it to me it still show that there are 2 surface and have some problems that when I trying to open it with t-spline plug-in rhino, it crashed and that forced me to open them in safemode. Even i try to copy the 2 surfaces to normal rhino with t-spline it still make my rhino crashed.
She told me that even on her computer can not open and show the expected shapes after she close the file.