Rhino 5 Tpline command error

Hi everyone, i’m using Rhino 5 and T spline 3.5. The problem is, when i open rhino and start using t spline, it doesn’t work. The commands like “Tsbox”,.v.v… still appear on the command bar, but nothing happens after that. Tspline Lisence is no full, and again, i can’t access to tsactivelisence, i’m being like this for over a month, i’m so confused, pls help me!!

Hi - you will need to contact Autodesk for support on T-Splines. There’s a link to a FAQ and an eMail address on this page:

@@ thank you, but this problem can not be solved by normal solution? OmG…

Hi - it’s possible that it can (though I’m not sure what you consider to be a normal solution).
At any rate, it’s something for the developer of the plug-in to solve, and, as such, this is the wrong forum.