Hybride textile( membrane and elastic) with kangaroo

Hello. I hope you are well.
How to form finding a combination of elastic structure and membrane with kangaroo?
I first analyzed separately. Then I used this method to combine: For example, I separated the parts that were supposed to be elastic rods from the points on the membrane through a tree branch and applied the rod force to the polyline formed from these points. Is that right?
Or is there another way?

If by elastic rods you mean the yellow (static flat state) cables - that pull - that are solved as red ones (K2 relaxed state) … then you’ll need code (but maybe is doable via K2 components as well - I have no idea).

Anyway, notify if you are familiar with C#.

BTW: The shown example does the job the classic way: from a flat mesh to a relaxed one assuming that the cables are placed correctly (one up the next down etc etc).

I dug up a simple example that might be useful for you …

ARC605_Fa16_Force and Fulcrum_Mesh Bend Anchor.gh (24.8 KB)

It depends on your set-up - in this case, specific points along the polyline are locked to points along the mesh - sort-of like fastening the membrane to the rod at those points.

The other file shows a way you can pull mesh points to a curve, so that they “ride” along the curve as the membrane is tensioned, more like a camping tent I suppose:

ARC605_Fa16_Curve Pull - Drape and Constrain.gh (15.3 KB)

If this is a more desirable set up, with a little work you can replace the arches here with rod elements so that there is an elastic feedback with the mesh.

thanks alot . It was very inspiring for me

thank you.