Tensile Membrane with cables

I am trying to form find a tensile membrane structure but with taking the cables and posts-if needed- in the process. is there an example file for using cables with membranes in kangaroo2 or kangaroo2Engineering ?

Unless Daniel has some other idea/way I don’t think that this is possible without code.

Study these images: white is the cable at rest pos, green the new cable (per anchor) after K2 did the job. In the C# captured above for these var cables the 3 distinct stiffness values are: B for Back, S for Side and F for Front (per module between the trusses).

But this is only the tip of the iceberg since in real-life an evaluation of the anchor plate aperture angle is the critical part for more than obvious reasons. I can hardy imagine how to do that without code.

For instance this … for cases like above is a no-no: what is required is a 2 part hinged anchor plate system due to the rather big aperture angle.

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Thank you so much!

Search “tensile membrane, membrane, membrane form-finding” in this or (better) in the old (but dead) Forum.

See this as well

Membrane by Kangaroo component in Grasshopper - Grasshopper

Are you familiar with C#? If so post here an indicative layout.

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