Human UI - sliders locked

Hello everybody

I am beginner with the Human UI and I am trying to make a really simple app.
I wanted to create a panel with the interactive sliders. I want them to appear one after another.
If one slider is being used (its parameter is higher than a certain value - in this case more than 4.5) another one is appearing below. If I repeat this process on the new slider another one is appearing below and so on.

Everything in GH window is working properly but in the Human UI window -
the slider seems locked. The movement is limited to 0.1 then reset to default value.

I tried to add “set slider” but the result was the same, perhaps I made it in the improper way.

I guess I made some simple mistake, could someone please help me with that? I am attaching photos and the GH file below.

GH file
sliders (11.8 KB)

slider locked

slight change for a moment and reset

When I use sliders directly from GH everything is working properly

When I put values manually everything is working properly

Every time “add elements” executes, it resets the window to its starting state. You must be changing something upstream of “add elements” based on information coming from a value listener.

I suspect that python script + metahopper enable/disable is your problem. You can’t modify the set of elements fed into the window based on interaction with that window. “Hide show elements” will let you dynamically hide or show certain elements without regenerating the window.

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Big thanks to you!

I changed “enable/disable” to “hide show elements” and everything is working properly.