Exporting to Blender

While not really using Blender as a tool for work, I have found that its’ animation tools are a bit more robust than Rhino. Is there a possibility of exporting Rhino files to Blender?

Hi Robb- I don’t think Blender opens 3dm files, I could be wrong, but export to OBJ should work I’d think.


Found that Blender will accept *.STL files that imported pretty nicely. Many thanks, Rob

After sniffing around Blender’s file exporting system I found *.stl which
seams to work fairly well. I must say I far prefer working in Rhino and am
seriously thinking about ponying up for the latest version of Bongo. I’ve
got a couple of tasks that require animation. I’m recovering from some
serious health issues and my oncologist wants me to animate coincidentally the
mutation of and escape of cancerous monocytes from bone marrow as they
develop. Also, the clients for whom I’ve done a 30’ electric launch would
like a nice outboard animation that ultimately zooms into a close-up. I
could use a camera path for that, but it would be quite rudimentary.
Anyway, many thanks for your help. The saved STL file was 85 MB which I’m
going to try to reduce as Blender bogged down quite a bit even on my I7
3930 with 32 MB of ram clocked to 4.1 GB on water cooling with 2 radiators and
15 fans. Yeah, overkill indeed, but when rendering in Flamingo Nxt large
files I see that all six cores are maxed at 100% during each pass and thus I am
thankful I built this neighborhood lights dimming beast. My temps
are 58 deg C for all cores averaged in the summer and about three or four
degrees cooler in the winter. Almost as much fun building the beast as it

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