Looking for a 3D or 2D person model with rotating limbs

I found this https://gallery.autodesk.com/fusion360/projects/84023/human-model-with-joints?searched= but the file format (.f3d) doesn’t open in Rhino. Does anyone have something like this, even a 2d side view would be good? I need to be able to rotate the limbs into different seated positions. Designing a tight space with a weird seat, so need to make sure a 6’ tall person can sit comfortably in there. Thank you.

Probably you can find something here:

these aren’t with ‘rotating’ limbs, you’d have to do some work on them, might be helpful though, I got them from the following link, lots of other stuff on there, have a browse :slight_smile:

People x 5.3dm (4.6 MB)

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here you have the same model and other with more organic shape and complex articulations

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This company had both rigged and 3D models you can pose.


Use this software. It is free and you can get lots of content free and paid. All you do is pose the model and then export as OBJ or FBX


I’ve spent hundreds of hours playing with it, it is really amazing and the sheer volume of content is amazing too.

Or just get that, open in Fusion and export as step…