Button not shown

Hi Andrew,
I’ve got a massive definition with plenty of human UI objects, each time i open this GH files, i almost always have to disable/enable “create expander” or “merge” ,that i often use to make Human UI data clearer, in order to show buttons (below the orange assign)or other data which aren’t show when opening, like they have to be refresh… which might be long and not very easy useful for someone who doesn’t know the definition…

Do you know this little bug and where it could come from?

Sorry, I really don’t understand the question. Can you explain a little more your issue, and upload an example definition if possible?

Hi @BEMAD - thank you for sending your file privately. The problem is that your UI elements are being fed into TWO containers - both the Expander and the Grid. UI elements in HUI can only belong to one container - if you put them in a second container it will delete them from the first. If you want to nest them, put the elements into the grid, and then the grid into the expander. If you delete/disable the grid the buttons will show on first load.

OK I see, thanks for the quick reply