Human UI, Create Multi Chart Problem

Hi everyone (Andrew),

So I am trying to create an analytics dashboard for my project using Human UI. What I’m trying to do is to create a couple of multi charts. However, even though I tried everything I cannot even set up the element properly and control it later with the set chart.

Please see the problem I’m having below.

Also when I’m able to create it properly, it divides the input data into two and create two graphs (see below)

What I’m basically trying to do is: creating a single overall graph with multiple horizontal stacked bars with a data tree that will have various lengths of data in multiple branches, which would be eventually used as per stacked bar.

I don’t know what I’m doing wrong and how to overcome the issue. I also couldn’t find any explanatory video or document for this Create Multi Chart component.

I hope the question makes sense and I would appreciate any input.

Here’s an example file for charts, including multi chart - give that a look and if you’re still having trouble we can dive deeper. Introduction to (30.1 KB)

Thanks, Andrew very much for the example. I was able to set up the graph properly with this understanding.

However, the issue that I’m having now is that; I will be feeding some big data trees such as 20 branches and 20 items per branch, sometimes more. I am able to feed this data for the initial setting up of the chart properly and it works fine. However, whenever I update the data with new numbers, it crashes the whole software. I assume that there is a certain threshold of the amount of data that should not be exceeded to create these graphs.

I haven’t really tested the limits of the chart library, but at least in my test I can update a multi-chart with 20x20 items - it is a bit slow but it does not crash. I am unaware of any hard limits. When you update it, you are using “Set Multi Chart” rather than feeding a new data set into “Create multi chart”, correct?

Yes, I am first creating a dummy graph, and then assigning new data/names/cluster titles.

I have tested the problem that I am having further and realized when it happens. There is no problem while setting new data. However, when I try to set new names and/or cluster titles to the graph it takes approximately 5 minutes to update the graph.

I’ve made a simpler version of my file to test the problem. (see (19.3 KB)
) whenever I connect the mNames or mShipments to the Set Multi Chart component it crashed. I also tested varios sizes for the data tree such as 5x5, 8x8, 10x10, 15x15, 20x20. To my observation, after 10x10, the component starts to have problems.

Hi both,

I am trying to achieve a horizontal chart where each horizontal bar has a different starting and ending value. Is this possible with the chart component? :confused:

No, you’ll likely have to draw this yourself with create shapes or similar.

Just a note here: Charts were never full developed and IMO need a significant overhaul and/or rewrite. I may be doing this in the near future, so if there are any new developments we will keep you posted.



Hi there! I’m also having problems with the multi charts in the Human UI.
I want to show the three branches from the first tree as names and the three branches from the second tree as values. But when I flatten the values (on the first image), I’m getting the same first 4 values for all the names.
If I do not flatten the values as in the second image, I get an error. I’m getting the right values but not the names below. I just want, that every branch of the list communicate with the corresponding branch from the other list…
Is there a way to get the correct tree organisation? Thanks a lot!