HumanUI DataTable crash

whenever I pass data branches into the D input of the DataTable component, my script crashes and requires a restart…any suggestions on how I need to alter the data that is coming from the result of a large calculation in order to get it to input into the DataTable component?

very hard for me to say without seeing the data in question. How large a data set are we talking?

not a very large dataset at all…this is all i’m trying to show in a DataTable…

Can you send me a definition? It’s basically impossible to troubleshoot if I can’t reproduce the issue.

can I email them to you? if so, can you provide your address?

you can just send me a DM on discourse

I fixed it…I saw your other post about enabling “Disable Flow Loop Checking (fast mode)" and that made it all work.


Use at your own risk…

what are the risks??

if you understand the create/set model in Human UI - (Golden rule: Never make a create component downstream from a value listener) then you can safely disable it. All it does is warn when you violate that. But I would say 90% of people’s mistakes/issues with Human UI come from misunderstanding this rule. (I take credit for this problem - if I were to design Human UI today I would set it up in such a way that this was a non-issue, but alas.) The reason it is possible to disable the checker is that sometimes it makes the “add elements” component a bit slow; this will be the case if data fed into the window comes from a very large, complicated definition. The checker traverses the definition backwards from Add Elements, looking at every ancestor component and making sure that no Value Listeners are feeding into it - that is all. I would be fairly surprised if it was actually the source of your crashing issues, but I’ve been surprised before. When you leave flow checking on (if it is possible to do this without it crashing) do you see any warning messages on the Add Elements component? If not, then it’s definitely safe to turn it off - if you do, then you need to restructure your definition to obey the “golden rule.”

So to sum up, as long as you know what you’re doing, you have my blessing to disable it… but if you know what you’re doing then I’d be a little surprised if it gave you any trouble.

i’ll probably never know what i’m doing!

so the attached script is just a tiny definition, but i’m curious how I would do the create/set in this scenario as i’m getting the warning message because i’m creating a component downstream of a value listener…so how would I fix this in general?? (529.8 KB)

ok, I figured it all out and it is working without the Disable Flow Loop Checking…as you expected, it was all because of the create/set configuration…once I figured out that in order to bring text into HumanUI into a text block or data table that you first have to bring in blank text (or text not tied to a calculation) and then use the Set component to bring in the calculated data…all works now…thanks for your recommendation to recheck!

Yay! I’m glad you figured it out. I’m sorry it’s such a steep learning curve - like I said, I take full responsibility for how counter-intuitive this setup can be :slight_smile:

all good! one more question while I have you…in the DataTable “Column Sizing Mode” input…what are the “special” values??


Right-click the param to see the special values :slight_smile:

(They are -1, -2, and -3 respectively)


…and now, in the latest HumanUI version, there is also the very useful “Auto” option :