Charts example file

I wish that there were “Chart” components in the example files.
It is not immediately obvious to me how to structure the data to get the result I want.

Introduction to (30.1 KB)

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Thanks Andrew !

I have a tiny wish regarding charts : would it be possible to de-activate the animation (option as a boolean input perhaps) so that the charts update faster in the case one wants to dynamicaly change the data ?

There seems to be an issue with the dial gauges : they skip one item out of 2

your window is too small

Hmm… YOUR window is too small :wink:

But yeah, that was the issue.

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unfortunately I don’t have a ton of control over the way those charts behave / lay out… they are all taken from a 3rd party charting library for WPF

So you mean that it is impossible to de-activate the animation ?
I was hoping that they could be a real-time reflection of transient data.
For example, I wanted to link the graphs to the angular positions of the 6 axii of my robot simulation, as in this video where I use “TextToScreen” instead :

But if I run my simulation in real time, the graphs flicker because of the animation.

You might see why I mentioned “TextToScreen” in another post by the way.

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