Human UI color and font adjustment questions:


I have a few questions about adjusting font and color settings in Human UI.

Is it possible to adjust the following:

  1. Toggle Title font, font color, or font size
  2. Expander panel background color
  3. Tab Heading font size
  4. Can I make body fonts different styles from header fonts?

As shown in the image I am able to adjust expander heading colors/fonts and overall fonts using the LaunchWin, WinProps and AdjustElem components. However, I can’t get these components to affect the items listed above. Expander background is only controllable via the Light or Dark settings in WinProps.

Do you have any suggestions? Can this be affected by adjusting the Styles.Default.Xaml? I tried making changes but it didn’t seem to make adjustments.


In another post the XAML component was used to create custom text boxes. What code creates a toggle? Perhaps that is a faster workaround. Does anyone know how to write that?

Thanks in advance. Love the tool.

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That’s for tab header font size.
Not sure about the other three.

Thanks Will.

Hi Leland -
Controls for appearance are not totally consistent. Some of the things you’re asking for are possible but others currently are not - this is due to a number of factors, not least of which is my own relative ignorance of WPF at the time I started Human UI - but also that controls (like the toggle, for instance) come from 3rd party libraries and don’t behave the same as other controls.

I’m gonna try to answer your questions one by one with the “official” answer and then at the end show you a hack that may help you get around some of these limitations.

  1. Toggle Title font, font color, or font size

Generally, the most control you have over fonts is setting a global font for the window with the Create Window component; this will affect many but not all controls. The toggle, radio buttons and others are unaffected by the base window font. As for font color and size, where this is possible, you should be able to adjust the font color/size with the “adjust element appearance” component - set the foreground color to adjust the color and size to set the font size.

  1. Expander panel background color

The expander panel Is actually transparent - the background color will show through whatever container its in. In your case it is the Tab control that has a white background color; you can set this by adjusting the tab control’s background color with “Adjust Element Appearance” again. The expander itself does not have a background (due to some settings applied by the Mahapps.Metro style library I’m using).

  1. Tab Heading font size

Sounds like @Will_Wang solved this one for you :slight_smile:

  1. Can I make body fonts different styles from header fonts?

Generally speaking, no. However, that brings me to the…


Ok, it’s not really a hack. It’s just a tricky experimental feature that is largely undocumented, and requires some knowledge of WPF to use. There are two special components in UI Main called “Get Element Properties” and “Set Element Property”:

The first one lets you see ALL of the defined properties on an object (and their types), and the second one lets you attempt to modify that property on an element. Some properties take simple types (String, Boolean, etc) that you can set directly; others take more complex types (e.g. System.Windows.Media.FontFamily) and you will have to figure out how to construct that object with XAML. Another component - “Create Objects from XAML” - can turn XAML syntax into proper objects.

Here’s an example of setting the font on a toggle element:

You have to know a little bit to construct the correct XAML - some types are easier to build up than others.

Some Human UI elements are actually composed of multiple WPF elements - so things can get a little trickier. The “Text Box” for instance is actually a dock panel containing a label, a text field, and a button. So to alter the label font you have to get creative, and build up the control + label separately:

See those examples set up in this file: (15.1 KB)

With those tricks, you should be able to get the appearance to whatever you want… it may just be a question of diminishing returns on effort.


I only have a save/restore states pair in my UI Main. Are the get/set states a newer HumanUI version?
Also for my own confirmation, do you combine a button into the HumanUI TextBox because the TextBox class doesn’t have an event listening to enter key? There is a TextChanged or something like that but it’s triggered after each key stroke…

it’s a toggle, if you turn off update button it always listens for every key, if it’s on, it only updates on button press. I currently don’t pay attention to the enter key.

I thought I uploaded this version to food4rhino but if I didn’t you can get the raw files here: (1.2 MB)

Andrew, tell me please, is there a secret hack for horizontal text alignment in the Table? I’m trying to change the HorizontalContentAlignment Property, but the property type that is required - System.Windows.HorizontalAlignment is an enum and I don’t understand how to specify it for the property.
Screen (10.4 KB)

Came here looking for an answer to this exact same question, did you ever figure it out?

Hi Leland! how did you make all the tabbed header in horizontal positions? mine always gets arranged vertically.

Thank you @andheum,
but is it possibile to modify the background color (for e.g. a table) by xaml (System.Windows.Media.Brush)? Do you have any suggestions?
Thank you

Any suggestions about it?
Thank you again

Any news?