Hide grid lines from DataTable in Human UI using XAML

I am having troubles with the XAML sytanx for setting the property GridLinesVisibility of type System.Windows.Controls.DataGridGridLinesVisibility to “None”.

My goal is to make the grid lines in the DataTable on the Human UI output disappear.

I was able to reproduce font family change as described in Human UI color and font adjustment questions:.

Despite having tried couple of combinations to set the property GridLinesVisibility to “None” I seem having trouble to find the correct syntax. Any advise?

GH script with the XAML component for setting the GridLinesVisibility property:
Snippet_HumanUI_DataTable_Xaml.gh (22.2 KB)

For clarification I am adding the Human UI output showing the default grid lines in the DataTable (which I would love to get rid of).


you were close, set your panel to be:


Hi @andheum,
great - it works now.
Many thanks!