Huge file sizes when exporting to .stl


I’ve made some changes to a model I’ve successfully 3D printed before, specifically I have modeled in threads to some of the standoffs.

I forget what my original export settings were, but the file size was around 4 - 5 Mb for the original piece, sans threads.

Now I am getting file sizes around 500 mb.

Would anyone mind giving some pointers about how to change the mesh export settings to yield a more manageable file?

or have the threads geometries I’ve modeled in made for a bloated file size?


-Rev (3.0 MB)
.3dm file i wish to create a .stl from

enough_is_enough001_handset_a.stl (4.4 MB)
original .stl, for mesh size reference

current .stl export settings

I’m not sure why you are making the maximum edge length to be 0.1 - that will lead to a lot of extra triangles that not necessarily add resolution. In just meshing one part with my own mesh settings, changing that requirement from 0 (i.e. disabled) to 0.1 increases the stl file size from 3.5 MB to 575.5 MB.

BTW, are you sure those threads will be useful when printed? The grooves are only 0.1 mm wide. It might be better to just thread them after printing…

I’ve always found the video tutorials by @theoutside a great resource!

Maybe you are already familiar with them, in any case…

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ok, thats the answer, thanks.

re: the threads, yes, I’ve done that too, this is kind of a test of the resolution

cool! thank you so much