How would you do this non uniform mesh?

I guess that I should learn grasshopper/other programming, but for now, I just need to do this quickly…
I thought to extract the mesh from the photo, but it will be unprecise
so any other method/quick tip?

Your link doesn’t work. You can upload images directly here on discourse by clicking the upload icon above the text editor, or just paste an image from your clipboard.

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edited, thanks

Its quite a vague question…
Do you just want a regular quad mesh but colour the mesh faces so that it looks like the image above?
Can you describe what you want in more detail?

those black things are holes, so I would like to do some holes with the shape of the holes that are on that mesh, so I suppose that I should start doing some cubes/rectangles (that later on I will subtract to the main geo), and deform them into x,y,z axis alongside something

Because in the upper right corner, the hole is shaped almost like a cube, while going down, to the right bottom corner, the cube is squished by it’s height, while if you go on the left (from the upper right, corner), the quibe is squished alongside it’s base

also the height of the holes(z axis) seems to be reducing in the bottom left corner, so the height of z axis should be another variable, but I have no idea how to place it