Extruding mesh?

When I bake the last operation in grasshopper (photo 1), I get lots of meshes (photo 3) and I need to extrude them but I don’t know how. I managed to do it directly in rhino with options offset (solid) (photo 2). Is there any way I can do it as an operation in grasshopper.

Thank you!

Can you attach your script please :slight_smile:

Here it is

Rap test.gh (18.6 KB)

Rap test_edit.gh (23.0 KB)

There you go - u just need to wield the mesh and just thicken it either with weaverbird or pufferfish :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much, i really needed this for today, you helped me a lot.

Can i ask you one more question if you maybe know the answer.
Is there any way i can fill all holes between my construction as shown with red on attached photo. (that would be for example glass between construction.