How to make mesh like pictures made by grasshopper?


(Avungyerd) #1

I want to know how to make mesh like these pictures made by grasshopper.
all ideas are welcome.

This is URL of referenced.


(David Rutten) #2

The latter is just a viewport screenshot, the former appears to be a screen shot post-processed by fading around the edges?

(Avungyerd) #3

This screen shot is taken from avobe video.(
I can make Tensile Membrane Structure structed by gulid mesh.
Bud,I don’t know how to make Tensile Membrane Structure structed by mesh like these picutures (hexagonal divided structure?).


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(Laurent Delrieu) #5

Hello it is quite simple it is named dual mesh. Seek for MeshDual.gha in this page

The only proble with this dual mesh if I remember well is that you will not have dual near the edges.

And use MeshMachine to triangulate


Check this as well…

Tri Catmull Clark (5.7 KB)

(Avungyerd) #7

Thanks to you,the problem has been solved!