Lost keyboard shortcuts

My computer has been crashing all day, and the latest result is that all my keyboard shortcuts are lost. I’m wondering where those are kept, and if I can recover them from a computer backup or something.

Hi Peter - normally they’d be in

(or named with a different scheme if you have one)



Hi guys - could you please explain how you were able to recover the shortcuts from the xml file? I’ve lost all my settings from a crash as well

Hi Luke -

When Rhino starts and that file doesn’t exist, or, perhaps in your case, is damaged, that file will automatically be created with all the factory-default settings. If your system regularly takes backup, you could locate that xml file in the backup somewhere and replace the current xml file with that backed-up file. That will restore the custom settings.

Thanks Wim,

I’ve got a backup from a couple months ago but should be the same old display settings with it, will try that now

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