How to use files created in higher versions in lower versions

I would like to open the file created in version 7 in version 6 of the program, how can I solve it?

Ask the person who is providing you the v7 file to use SaveAs and make sure they pick Rhino 6 as the target file format.

Be advised that Rhino 7 features most likely won’t end up in the v6 version (or older if you are picking that).

Apart from what Nathan wrote, if you search this forum, you will find a converter utility that was written by a user.

I made files…I used 7ver. But, now use 6ver.
I don’t have 7ver. licence, But I have 2ea 6ver. licence…

How to search that? I don’t know…

just type in front off the magnifying glass version converter and press enter.
you will find Rhino 3dm file version converter

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