Opening Rhino 7 files in Rhino 6

Hi, our small studio has rhino 6 licenses, but I began using the rhino 7 beta last year.

One day in December (I forget exactly which) the beta was over - expired.

There are a couple of files I can no longer open as they are rhino 7, not rhino 6 files. I can’t buy rhino 7, so what can I do?

Seems really stupid / spiteful towards a loyal, paying customer not to give any warning that this was going to happen…
Pretty serious problem for me. Is there some sort of conversion tool I could use? The new WIP doesn’t work, as it says I don’t have the right license… pretty annoying!

Please HELP!

You should be able to get a 90-day trial of Rhino 7? Then you can save each file as a Rhino 6 file.

I was on the 90 day free trial, but it elapsed without me realising it was about to… I know I should have saved everything as rhino 6 files, and mainly I did, but it automatically saved as 7 with a few files.

Find someone you know who hasn’t downloaded and installed the V7 eval and have them do so and convert your files.

the Beta version should be different to the proper Rhino 7 release, and therefore give you a fresh 90 days…( i think…)

Hi Rob - if you were using the beta, the evaluation version should still work.


I just ran across this on the forums:

Maybe this can be of use if all else fails?


does it only work for windows?

omg, this is really helpful! Thank you, Mark