File can not open in rhino6 by rhino7

Does output file by rhino7 can be open by rhino6? If not, how can I fix it? Thanks a lot.

Rhino 6 cannot open Rhino 7 files.
Each version of Rhino can only open files from that version or previous versions.

You need to either have the person who created the Rhino 7 file use SaveAs to save in Rhino 6 format, or find someone who has Rhino 7 to open the file and SaveAs in Rhino 6 format.

Thanks, would it be possible to install plugin to fix the condition?

Hi -

There is a converter utility that lets you save Rhino files from newer versions in an older version format. You can download that program here:


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Thanks very much. What’s does it mean for MIT license? Would it be possible to use it in commercial place?

Ignore my previous question, it’s ok now. Thanks a lot.