HOW TO UPDATE GH SDK: cannot install EDDY 3D in old version grasshopper


Is there a way to update my grasshopper to versions above 6.26 without updating the Rhino 6?

I have googled and found this website which seems to provide newest versions of grasshopper packages. NuGet Gallery | Grasshopper 8.0.20343.12315-wip

However, I don’t know how to proceed to download and update? Have anyone encountered the same issue before?

I am trying to install Eddy 3D. After the completion of installing the MSI file, I clicked ‘Run as administrator’ in Rhino. When I was just about to enter the grasshopper, it showed an error - ‘The eddy component library was built against a newer minor version of the Grasshopper SDK’ (see below the screenshot). It seems the Eddy 3D is incompatible with the old version grasshopper.

Here is the download link for Eddy 3D: Eddy3D | Grasshopper Plugin


Hi Kai -

No, but what is the problem with updating your Rhino 6 version? Why are you on Rhino 6.0? Possibly a few thousand bugs have been fixed after that version.

Thank you wim.

It’s just because of the hassel that my colleagues are using the old versions.

Since no other solutions exist, I have updated the Rhino to the latest version and it works fine now.