How to unite triangles of lunchbox diamond panels?

Hi friends, I have a 3dmode of chair and need to have pattern on the backrest. Becase mesh is continous on the back side i have seprated a rectangular area with some dispatching methods. But due to non uniform faces, i’m not allowed to combine them altogether and have a single surface, so i changed each face to a surface and used dismond panel(lunchbox).Now I have greater problem and it’s triangles. How can i unite each two triangle panel which are common in one edge and use it as diamond panel.
It will be great help if you guide me.:pray::rose:


Please upload your GH file with internalized goemetry.
Can’t you simply Brep Join those ?

Pannel on (21.6 KB)

As you can see, each face has different plane orientation and i can’t join brep.

Hmmm… Yes you can if you flatten the input.
And if you need an untrimmed surface afterwards and not a Brep with internal edges, you can reconstruct one with Edge Surface.

Pannel on (23.1 KB)

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I can’t believe, you solved it very simple. Thank you so much​:hibiscus::ok_hand:

A small problem i have yet is that remained triangle’s surfaces are not flat due to 4edges we defined in the algorithm.

I did some methods to distinguish beside triangles and defined surface for them again. Surfaces are correct apparantly,but there is one tip yet.

Some surfaces have more than 3edges someties5, so have lines inside them. I think its because of non-planar backrest surface we had at the bigging and is unavoidable. Am I right?

Pannel on (24.2 KB)

You can use Polyline Reduce to remove the problematic vertices of some triangles.
And Wrap=False to the List Item prevents the edge surface from doing nasty surfaces.

Pannel on (26.3 KB)

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I really enjoyed from this brief and complete algorithm. Great thanks🌹