Polyline to surface in lunchbox Problem!

HI, i have problem to make surface from polyline to convert to surface in lunchbox, how we can solve this and build surface from straight lines or from polylines ?! thx

Whats the error message. My guess it is asking for a surface and the loft is probably a Brep. Give your triangles little round fillets in the corners so it doesn’t have discontinuities. Or explode the brep and do a hex grid per face.

yes the error message that " data conversion failed from Brep to surface "
but if i want to make surface from triangles directly , are there direct way to make that without little round fillets in the corners??!.. thx

Explode the brep (deconstruct brep) and plug all the faces in.

Done … it is working now >> thank you very much :slight_smile: