How to sweep a surface to a solid

I want to draw a handrail (Hollow section) of a spiral staircase.
Sweep1 just allow curve to open polysurface.
How can I do it?

Hello - if the ends are planar, and closed in the ‘around’ direction, use the Cap command.


What I wanted is to sweep to form a solid barrier as attached. Furthermore, the end part of barriers to be vertically flushed.
Anyone can tell

BARRIER.3dm (60.1 KB)

Hi, Try with closed curves for sections instead of surfaces…

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Could you tell me how to built up 18 planks (20 degree each in polar helix) to match the barrier as attached
Thanks a lot.
Planks.3dm (1.0 MB)

Polar array and use a z axis step offset

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your hand rail is deformed instead of sweep1 copy your red curve (helix) to center of hand rail and use “pipe” command.

thanks @robinp i didnt know that.

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Yes, I did.
Sweep in Autocad is OK without deformed