How to subdivide a surface recursively with HoopSnake?

Hi all,

I have a small routine in Python that I would like to implement using the Hoopsnake component. It is a subdivision process that recursively splits a surface in half until a minimum area is reached.

The main subdivision step looks like this:

However problems occur when I try to implement this step inside a recursive procedure:

  • I don’t understand how to correctly connect the input and output to the Hoopsnake component
  • for some reason the splitting curves seem to get scattered around the original surface (most probably because of the improper connections I made)
  • I can’t seem to find how to retrieve the resulting split surfaces

Could you help me figure out how to correctly use the Hoopsnake component for this simple recursive task ?

Recursive Subdivision with (22.0 KB)


I don’t really use Hoopsnake, but here’s a solution using Anemone, which is also a looping plug-in.

Recursive Subdivision with (24.1 KB)

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Thank you for the kind reply and the beautiful animation!

I was originally looking for recursion because of the control it gives on the levels of depth but your approach works fine as well. Again thank you.