Automated solution for setting geometry?


Just curious, if anyone knew of a way to take, let’s say a list of surfaces, 10 surfaces, and have a grasshopper operation subdivide 1 surface, the “first” surface. Upon completion, it would repeat the operation, but it would be on the next surface in the series. For some damned reason, hoop snake and Anemone do not seem to want to cooperate. at the end of the series, the loop operation would stop.

Hi @mikaelmihranian , It’s not very clear what you want to do but if you are running the same operation (“subdivide a surface”) on every element of a list, there is no need to involve hoop snake or Anemone. Just plug your list of objects into the GH component you want to use and it will be applied to each element separately.

Maybe send an example file explaining what you were trying to achieve?

Hi Pierre, I was able to find a solution to what I was trying to do.