How to square Cast iron pattern?

Hi. can anyone help me square this pattern please? Which command is for this.

It’s not clear to me what you mean by “square”. If you mean that your screenshot is of a 2d drawing and you would like to make it a 3d object with some thickness then I would suggest trying the “Solid” menu item, selecting “offset” or “extrude from planar curves” (assuming your curves are in fact planar).

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Thank you for helping. I having the stars part which is an angle and now I need to create the strait part for balcony. as on picture below. Second picture is my design.

Hello - are you asking how to model the part altogether, or some aspect of it? Either way, we’ll need much more information… and a file.


stairs_classic_3DS.rar (8.0 MB)

Please find the attached file. I need to change this design. Second middle landing is the balcony and I need railing for it.

Hello - it looks like you are asking how to use Rhino to begin with?

is a good place to start.


If you are trying to un-skew the pattern, maybe cageedit is the tool for you.

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Maybe Shear will work?

THANK YOU. THANK YOU. You safe me a lot of time.