Modeling Help Needed!

Hey everybody !

I have a modeling issue. I would like to connect those ends (circled in red in the picture)
I tried to close the path and sweep the square section all around, but that would not work properly, so I tried to cut and blend the two surfaces, which isn’t very clean !

What would an expert modeler would do in this case? Am I making the sweep wrong?

Could use some help here :smile:

Thank you for your help !!

A quick fix would be to make sure the curves are only as long as the gap, and then use sweep1 from one edge to another. Then do that for all four sides (of each set).

If not all four sides are perfect: Pick the two corresponding surfaces that looks the best (all four migh be great) and delete the other two, then loft them.

Delete the caps on the existing model and join.

BUT… your model does not look very clean, so I would consider remodelling it from scratch. How did you build it?

Hello !

Thank you for your reply !
I modeled it with a simple curve and a sweep1 . I was wondering if
there were a function similar to pipe but with a square section 

Yes, you can extrude, then offset surface into solid.

I am not really sure how to do that :s

First command is extrude, that makes an extruded surface of the large circular curve. Use the DIrection option to override the default direction if needed.

Next command is .OffsetSrf (Offset surface) that makes an offsset surface of the selected surface. This command has a Solid option.

Good luck.

Thank you I will look it up !

Thaks again for your help

You are welcome.
Using Sweep1 is a great tool, so is Sweep2 if you need more control, and you also have Tube if you need a simple shape.