How to snap to a mesh a Cplane Z axis command?

opened an stl file, wish to use the change Cplane Z axis command, I read elsewhere that vertex is a way to snap to mesh, select vertex in osnap and nothing happens.

What method should I use to get this command to snap to my mesh ?



The “snappiness” often depends on if you are in a command or not. So first start at command, and then see if Snap works. In this case, activale “Set CPlane” (by 3 points in this case since points seems most relevant for snapping to Vertexes). Like so:

This works in other commands as well, like if you would like to draw a NURBS surfaces over a mesh triangle, which of course would be meaningless, but it shows how the Snap to vertex requires you to first start a command :

Snapping to Vertex1x1

// Rolf