How to snap 2 surfaces together?

I made 2 cubes.
I pick one cube moving it next to the other trying to snap the surfaces together but i can’t.
I have all the boxes checked on the Osnap.
Why can’t i snap them?

Hi - How are you moving one cube? If you use the Move command, you will be asked for a “point to move from”. At this point, the Osnaps will allow you to snap to, e.g. a corner of the cube. The same with the “point to move to” in the next step.

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Thanks that solved my problem.
I was trying to move by holding down the left mouse button.

You can do this as well. You need to have the mouse cursor near a snap point, press and hold the left mouse button, the object snap will light up after a quarter of a second or so, then while holding the LMB down, drag it where you want (to another snap point) and then release.