Move an object or curve until hit a (poly)surface?

Hi. I need to move some object(s) from the actual position perpendiculat up to the next surface and I can’t find a quick and proper way to do this. The movement command is ignoring the surface and it is trying to pass through.


Hello - it’s hard to tell from your image whether or not OSnaps will help - can you post a simple example of the sort of thing you would like to do?


For the first example, please try to move from the lower corner the solid gold, vertically until hits the surface underneath.

Move_Vertical_Up_To_Hit_Surface.3dm (145.3 KB)

Another think that I can’t find a solution for is how to grip from intersection of the two surfaces from the bellow example. I wand to pick-up from the intersection point of the two surfaces or create a new curve using as guide the aparent intersecting line or points but unfortunatelly it is not Osnaping.

Grip_intersection.3dm (157.4 KB)

Hello - use Tab direction lock in these examples.

Select the yellow box, start Move with End and Near osnaps on. Move ‘from’ the corner end point and track along the vertical edge with Near. Tap the Tab key to lock this direction (you can also set the direction in an elevation view with Ortho etc etc). Now, snap to an end point of an edge of the larger box as the point to Move to.


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Hi Pascal. Thank you for the tip but this don’t respond my question. I want to draw a curve (line) that start from the intersection point and I can’t find any way to make the Osnap system to snap there!

Also I need to move the geometry from the intersection point and not from the ends.

If I will have some free time I will make a short video.

You can’t (currently). Although the volumes do overlap, Rhino does not automatically calculate intersections between surfaces or polysurfaces - I assume that’s because it could potentially slow everything down quite a lot… So if you need to use the intersection point between surfaces/volumes, you’re going to need to first run the Intersect command to get the intersection curves, at which point you will be able to osnap to them…

HTH, --Mitch

You can create a point on corner and use project on other polysufarce, then just use created point for snapping.

damn, never know bout tab function, thanks mate