Snap to a surface

I want to move the cyan solid element by the endpoint and snap it to the point where solid element intersects with a surface, but the snap options don’t work, is there a way to do that?


there is a Osnap “onSurface” but it does not automatically calculate possible intersections. (too much would need to be calculated in the background)

you could sub-select the edge of the polysurface and run the intersect command with the surface to construct the target snap point yourself.

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Works well, thx!

in fact… in this particular case, since your surface is flat, you could do it in the elevation (Front, Right etc viewport)

start the move command, pick the startpoint, move the cursor on the edge you want to slide on (near Osnap is on), hit TAB, switch to elevation and snap startpoint to the edge of the surface using intersect Osnap.

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