How to show VA objects/elements above cutplane

Hi all,
I am trying to replicate my workflow from a proper BIM tool to VA3. Here below I have Window with Sill level 3ft from plinth level and when I toggle plan mode I could see the window cut on plan as seen below (cut plane is at 4ft level)

But I also have a Ventilator at 7 ft sill height at same plinth level (above cutplane) and I want to show that on plan as hidden line. How can we show overhead VA objects / elements such window (above cutplane) in VA on plans?

Hi @asisintel set the Plan Visibility of the window and the ventilator to “Projection with Overhead”:

You can change the linetype and overhead attributes from the Document Properties > VisualARQ > Overhead display attributes.

Hi @fsalla . I already did that too but its not working

Is the window and the ventilator inside the level that you are displaying in plan view? if these objects are located on a different level, they won’t show up in the overhead representation.
Please share a file so I can check if there is any error.

Here is the test file
R1.3dm (6.5 MB)

One window is at 3ft sill level and other one at 7 ft sill level. The cut plane is at 4ft. the window at 7ft sill level needs to be seen as dotted line on wall.

@asisintel you are right, there seems to be a bug here. The window upper window should be displayed in the plan view. I’ll report that and get back to you when we fix it.

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Thank you for confirmation. Kindly try for a quick fix as I have started a in detail model modelling now in VA3 which will test all its capabilities.

If you want to display the window in the plan view, you can change the Plan Cut Elevation to “Middle”.

@fsalla But i wanted the top window to be hidden lines

hi @fsalla , do we have any update on this?

Isn’t it just a regular option? When a display of an element is set as “projection with overhead” you can get what you want:

Cheers, Jaro

hi @jerry.bakowski As mentioned above there is a bug that need to be rectified for the projection with overhead to work