How to set line width 1.0?

Hi, I’m a beginner of Rhinoceros (and English).
I couldn’t find out how to set the line width. I can choose 0.13mm or 0.18mm, but I want to change it to 1.0mm. I found some space to type the number in Windows version, but couldn’t find in Mac version.

I’ll attach the current screen so could anyone give me some help?
アーカイブ.zip (300.2 KB)


Follow these steps:

Go to layers tab:

Click down below the Print Width you will get multiple options for selecting print widths:

Being a Windows OS user I can only attach windows screenshot.

Screenshot (152)-01


There is an Increase and Decrease option which I highlighted in your screenshot try to use that.

Yup in Windows OS there is an option to Type the value.


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I think you can just click on the number in the scroll box and type in a new value.

Thanks for your reply!
The number “100” is based on my teacher’s direction, and I still can’t understand the meaning yet. If you can, could you tell me what the number means and what happens if the number increases or decreases?
I really appreciate your kind help.

Thanks for your suggestion!
I tried that but couldn’t. If possible, could you give me some screenshots of the technic?

Your teacher directing you to change the Linetype Scale
100 mm = 10 cm

Printing line weight quality will be affected.

Screenshot (155)

I see. I’ll try to change it and see how the line change.

Few minutes ago, actually, I found that we can set these things in detail in another tab “Editing layer” (I’m not sure it’s proper translation). I can type the number there! So if there’s no more problem, I’ll click “Solution” on this page.

Thank you BVR and Helvetosaur! I’m so grad to find that there’re people who help me regardless of regions. You’re my first hero in my career of engineering. Arigatou! (Thank you in Japanese)

நல்வரவு (Welcome in Tamil)