How to set Cplane perpendicular to line? (Solved)

I have a question for Cplanes.
Is it possible to make the Cplane perpendicular to end of a line?
or way to rotate the Cplane in refernce to the world Cplane?

I’d like to rotate the Cplane in the XY(Front View of world) and move right in X and move up in Y.

I couldn’t find the proper command and just made a line then oriented on the line a circle then
oriented the Cplane to the circle as the object.
->actually with this the origin of the moved Cplane is at the knot of the circle and not the center so still not perfect…

See the “Curve” option.

ooooh! Can’t believe I missed that…
Thank you @Rodri
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Hi @clement
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hmm… maybe some few have the option?

…well for the time being I’ll just change the title…

No. That option is only available for threads in the Serengeti category. For this thread you’ll have to manually edit the title…

hm i wonder why, solution could be in all categories i would say.


@wim @clement thank you both for the info.
Definitely would help in searching the thread to know
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It’s a WIP feature :smile: