How to set Cplane perpendicular to line? (Solved)


I have a question for Cplanes.
Is it possible to make the Cplane perpendicular to end of a line?
or way to rotate the Cplane in refernce to the world Cplane?

I’d like to rotate the Cplane in the XY(Front View of world) and move right in X and move up in Y.

I couldn’t find the proper command and just made a line then oriented on the line a circle then
oriented the Cplane to the circle as the object.
->actually with this the origin of the moved Cplane is at the knot of the circle and not the center so still not perfect…

(Rodrigo Bárcena) #2

See the “Curve” option.


ooooh! Can’t believe I missed that…
Thank you @Rodri
btw, how do I add a solved tag to the title?
just manually type [solved] ?


Make sure to click this checkbox below the post which is the solution:




Hi @clement
I don’t see it in my screen… using Edge browser (win10)
hmm… maybe some few have the option?

…well for the time being I’ll just change the title…

(Wim Dekeyser) #6

No. That option is only available for threads in the Serengeti category. For this thread you’ll have to manually edit the title…


hm i wonder why, solution could be in all categories i would say.



@wim @clement thank you both for the info.
Definitely would help in searching the thread to know
which reply was the solution to the problem.

(Wim Dekeyser) #9

It’s a WIP feature :smile: