C Plane View from standard 90 ° orientation to custom 135 °

Hi all,

I am trying to reset the Cplane and am having no luck using any and all combinations.

Learning about how c planes truly work I can see that a 90 ° degree is the standard and that cannot be changed.

But I am struggling failing a way to be able to move my geometry in a straight perpendicular fashion to the top half of my model which must remain at the standard 90° degree orientation.

The top half of my model must maintain its location at 90° but the bottom “legs” half needs to be at 135° and I need to be able to move the bottom half’s elements at that angle. I hope that makes sense.

Normally when facing a problem like this I would rotate the top half to suit but this won’t work? Any ideas, is this trick even possible in rhino?

You are mistaken when you say “I can see that a 90 ° degree is the standard and that cannot be changed.” Look at the rotate option in the Cplane command. There is no limit to how you can position a Cplane.


Pringleman, Also, see the NamedCplane command for saving custom planes once set up.


Well after a complete vocation in C Plane management. I think I’ve nailed it. Understanding how to make them work but having the knowledge form you guys that there was no magic action that I was missing. Thanks a lot!