How to select a part of a mesh in order to panelize it for digital fabrication?

hey, a bit of a beginner here,

i want to be able to select a part of this mesh below , in order to flatten those parts for physical penalization.

I have tried numbering each individual face, to see if maybe i could select that part from a list, but the list seems quite messy, and I’m not quite sure i’m doing the right thing. see attached:

I would really appreciate the help with 1. selecting a mesh part, and 2. advice on how to proceed on flattening these faces for panelization.

I am attaching my grasshopper file,
Mesh selection and (18.8 KB)

Welcome to this forum!

You didn’t internalize your starting curves, so your .gh definition is not building any geometry.
Also, for who, like me, don’t have your plugins (ex: “MeshEdit components”), can you internalize also directly the mesh itself?

See here, please: